TKB Home Z-Wave Touch-screen Switch (TC-1031)

3-Gang  Touch Screen Wall Switch to control lights and Z-Wave devices.

  • Sleek design to fit in with the contemporary home
  • Triple relay is able to switch three electrical loads up to 1380 watts each
  • LED indicator to easily locate it in a dark room
  • On/Off function
  • Anti-flammable touch screen panel

The TKB 3-Gang Touch Screen Wall Switch — Gen5 is a wall switch that has 3 relay modules integrated and three switching paddles. The triple relay is able to switch two electrical loads up to 1380 watts each. With the triple switch paddle you can control each load separately.

The switch can easily be included and controlled in a Z-Wave network by a remote control or your home automation Z-Wave controller. It’s discoverable within a range of 30 metres from your wireless controller. The switch is equipped with a LED indicator to easily locate it in a dark room.

This unit includes switching paddle and a mounting frame. Additionally, it requires 230V power wires and a pattress box for installation.

Note: The switch works in a 3-wire system and needs neutral, check your installation before purchasing.Further information about 2-wire and 3-wire installations is available in Wiki — Understanding 2-wire and 3-wire Lighting Systems.

Technology   Z-Wave+
Z-Wave Hardware Platform   ZM5101
Z-Wave Library Type   Enhanced 232 Slave
Z-Wave Device Type   On/Off Power Switch
Z-Wave Role Type   Always On Slave
Manufacturer   TKB Home
Use   Indoor
Maximu Load   6A
Association groups   6
Type of dimmer and switch   wall switch
Power source   Cable AC
Type of wire system   3-Wire
Wall switch feature   Double Click
Touch control options   Single click
Usage   Control Lighting
Form factor   Wall Mounted

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