TKB Home Z-Wave Dual Paddle Switch (TZ56D)

Dimmer switch with integrated relay for wall installation
Double switch button (one for connected load, one for additional actions)
Replaces complete wall switch (dimmer)
Relay with 300 W / 230 V AC each
Integrated LED for indication on both paddles
Works with single and double click
Standby power consumption: <0.8 W
Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus
Panel color: white, gold, silver

Product Description

This stylish switch from TKBHome is designed to switch lights or loads of up to 6A such as heaters/ceiling fans via the local paddle, or via Z-Wave control. It has 2 paddles, the left hand paddle controls the connected load (on/off) — the right hand paddle controls another dimmer/switch via Z-Wave Association.

Please note: this means that the switch only directly controls a single load. The second paddle should be associated, using your Z-Wave controller/gateway, to another TKB switch (for wireless 2-way switching) or a device such as a Fibaro dimmer module or a Z-Wave bulb.

The switch is designed to be a direct replacement for an existing light switch and is a simple way to add Z-Wave control to your lighting circuits.
The switch is equipped with a neat LED indicator to help you locate it in a dark room (can be turned off via Z-Wave parameters)

The key thing to note, for UK consumers, is that this switch requires a neutral at the switch (3 wire system) which is less common in older UK wiring set-ups. If in doubt, please check with an electrician before purchasing.

The switch has the latest Z-Wave Plus chip, meaning it improves communication with your other Z-Wave devices and as it’s a mains powered device it will act as a Z-Wave repeater to strengthen your network.


This switch should work with all major Z-Wave gateways and controllers. TKBHome have verified support for:
Fibaro Home Center 2 / Lite
Vera Edge / Plus


Radio: Z-Wave Plus (868.42MHz — EU)
Colour: White
Maximum load: 1380W (6A)
Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
Operating Temperature: 0C — 40C
Wiring: 3-wire system, Neutral required
Range: up to 30m (indoors)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 86 x 86 x 47mm (24mm mounting depth minimum)
Display: Blue LED


Gold, Серебряный, Белый