Z-Wave-ს შესახებ

Z-Wave is present in the world’s largest collection of Smart Home products.

With over 2100 certified Z-Wave products on the market, it’s no surprise the leading US security companies look to Z-Wave to help families stay connected to their homes and to one another. Z-Wave provides a new level of connected security and peace of mind knowing your investment and your loved ones are safe. If you already have a smart device in your home, it may already have Z-Wave inside. Other smart devices can be added to a Z-Wave network by using a smart hub with Z-Wave inside. If you have questions, just ask our smart home experts and they here to help you build the smart home of your dreams.

Z-Wave is the leading wireless home control technology in the market today, with over 2100 certified interoperable products worldwide. Represented by the Z-Wave Alliance, and supported by more than 600 companies around the world, the standard is a key enabler of smart living solutions for home safety and security, energy, hospitality, office and light commercial applications.

Are you looking to turn your home into a smart home? Or do you already have smart home products and are looking to add-on new functionalities? You have come to the right place. Z-Wave smart home products truly give you more choice. With more trusted brands to choose from and more choice of product types, colors and styles, Z-Wave is the smartest choice for smart homes.

A Day with Z-Wave.

  • One App
  • Control multiple devices with one app
  • Stay Connected
  • While you are home and away
  • Create Scenes
  • Group multiple products together

5 Reasons why


Smart Products powered by Z-Wave are the Smarter Choice.
  1. Easy install.
  2. Provides more product choice.
  3. Interoperable.
  4. Does not require rewiring.
  5. Reliable – Serving smart homes since 2008.