What home automation systems are available today and what products do they work with?

There are hundreds of smart home devices and systems on the market today, each with different specs and features. With so many options, you’ll need to ensure that the gadgets you add are compatible with each other or buy a smart hub that will bridge any gaps.

Generally, devices from the same manufacturer, like Fibaro, Nest or Insteon, will work with each other; it’s when you start mixing brands that compatibility gets trickier.

Proper Planning Gives You Easier Control

If you build out an interconnected smart home system, you don’t want to have to log in to multiple apps or devices to set temperature, lighting conditions, and security settings. Instead, if you build your system right, you can just log in to one system’s app and control all devices from it.

In the event that you want to mix and match devices, a home automation hub could work as a bridge between the gadgets.

Some popular smart home automation hubs are Fibaro Control Center, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Google Home, and Amazon Echo.