HEIMAN Z-Wave smart home wireless indoor siren with standby battery rechargeable plug

Basic specification:
1. Working voltage: 110 to 240V AC
2. Backup battery: 3.8V/700mA
3. Alarm sound level: 95dB/1m
4. Wireless network scope: ≦80m (open indoors)
5. Working temperature: ≦95% RH (indicating no condensation)
6. Working temperature: -10 to +50°C
7. Networking mode: Z-Wave plus
8. Dimensions: Φ 80mm* 32mm (plug not included)

Main advantages:
1. Zwave plus standard profile, compatible with other Zwave system
2. With standby battery, can lasting for 12 hours after AC power off
3. Changeable LED color
4. High flexible rotating plug, suitable for different countries
5. Can be regarded as wireless repeater to extend wireless distance