Z-Wave Plus NEO Coolcam Siren

The NEO Coolcam Siren improves your Smart Home with an additional safety factor. In combination with other devices of your Z-Wave network the optical visually appealing siren alerts in different situations. Whether it is as simple as alerting you about a water leakage or a more dangerous scenarios such as a fire or break-in, this siren is loud enough to notify both you and your neighbours of potential dangers, giving you the chance to respond quickly.

Besides using the Siren for alarm purposes you can also use the Siren as a doorbell. The NEO Coolcam Siren plays 10 different sounds, which can be set via parameter settings or the Indicator Command class. Furthermore you can adjust the volume of the bell sound and the alarm sound in 3 stages. This device works specifically good for any type of accoustical and optical notification in your Smart Home.

The battery operated siren with the high quality design harmonizes with every living area and can be placed wherever you like.

• Radio Protocol: Z-wave
• Radio Frequency: 868.4MHz EU; 908.4MHz US
• Power supply: CR123A x 2
• Stand-by time: 1 year
• Compatible with 300 series and 500 series
• Easy installation on wall or any surface
• Sound setup:10 sound can be select
• Range: up to 70m outdoor; up to 50m indoor
• Sound intensity: >90 dB
• Operation temperature: 0~4°C
• Storage temperature: 0~60°C
• Dimensions: (D x W x H):70mm x 68mm x 31mm