Sonoff SC

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Environmental Monitoring – Monitor current temperature, humidity, light intensity, air quality, and sound levels
App Support – Free iOS and Android mobile App eWeLink
Trigger Smart Scene – The environmental values work as smart scene trigger conditions to trigger on/off other Sonoff devices
Hackable – A great toy to use your customize firmware

Sonoff SC is an ESP8266 and ATMega328(Arduino) based WiFi indoor air quality monitoring station. The home environment monitor device is an air quality detector, air pollution monitoring center. The home environment monitor detects current temperature, humidity, light intensity, air quality (particulate), and even sound levels (noise pollution), and directly sends real-time data to iOS/Android APP EWeLink. The power supply of this home air quality monitor is micro USB 5V.

The most significant function of SC is that it supports to set all kinds of smart scene to trigger on/off other device. With the environment data, we can use smart scene to make traditional home appliances intelligent. The smart scene allows to set one or more Sonoff SC conditions (temperature, humidity, light intensity, air quality and sound levels), when the conditions meet the preset level, it can trigger to turn on or off other devices, say Sonoff.

That means we can dig more possibilities by using Sonoff SC. For example, by collecting real-time air quality data, we can set up scenes to turn on/off the ventilating fan to guarantee fresh air indoor; Lighting can be automatically adjusted to the most suitable brightness according to the changing house light.

If the collected data does not exceed the update threshold, the data will be updated every two minutes. If there is a significant change, it will be updated to the AWS IOT server.

The Sonoff SC is hacker-friendly, we use the ATMega328 controller with Arduino code to read the sensor data, and use the ESP8266 for wifi communication. You can get the Sonoff SC schematic, Arduino code in our wiki.

Note: this is NOT a speaker although it looks like one, it does NOT support Bluetooth or SD card.


real-time environment around:
• Real-time temperature(0-100℃) and humidity(%)
• Light level: dusky, normal, bright
• Air quality: good, moderate, unhealthy
• Sound level: quiet, normal, noisy
• Support smart scene to trigger ON/OFF of another smart home device

Package includes:

• Sonoff SC*1
• USB cable*1