HEIMAN Gas Sensor


Low power consumption zwave technology

Adopt standard zwave ZHA protocol

AC power supply

Smart and fashionable appearance design

zwave repeater, extend wireless transmission distance

Online monitoring

High stability semi-conductor sensor adopted

Plug-in the socket on the wall, convenience installment

Working Voltage: 110-240V Static Current: <12uA

Alarm Current: < 30mA Sensitivity: -20℃-120℃; 0-100%

Alarm Indication: Red LED

Network Connect Indication: Green LED Network: zwave Networking

Distance (line of sight in unobstructed environment):


Working Temperature: -20℃-120℃

Working Humidity: 0% – 100% Low Battery Indication: 2.4V Installation: 3M Stickers Dimension: 60*60*20.5mm