Product Description
This device is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth receiver and transmitter which incorporates codec for less high audio quality technology. It is very simple to use and enables any Bluetooth enabled music device to connect to both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices. It can be used to enable a phone to transmit music to a home stereo system or just as easily, to allow a CD player or other device to transmit music to a Bluetooth enabled speaker system or headphones. This device also supports online games, TV, Movie audio and real-music transmission since it with low latency. With a compact design and internal rechargeable battery with long play time, this device is the ideal solution to link your music devices any time and any place you need it.

Packaging contains

• Bluetooth transmitter & receiver
• 5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable
• USB charging cable
• User manual
• 5mm to AV audio cable


This device comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that provides a very long standby and working time. We recommend charging the battery fully before using it for the first time.

• Insert Micro USB charging cable end into the device Micro USB socket, and put the other end into a standard USB power outlet, such as laptop or desktop.
• It takes about 2 hours to charge fully and reach its full capacity for the first time. Each subsequent charge cycle take around 1.5hours.
• LED will indicate red when charging, and goes off when charging is complete.

Transmitter: Turn On / Off

Push the click button to TX mode from TX / RX Position

Receiver: pairing with a Bluetooth device

After this device, under TX mode, has been connected to a Bluetooth stereo device, you can stream music wirelessly. Before pairing, please make sure your Bluetooth stereo receiver supports Bluetooth A2DP.

Pairing Procedure:

• Plug 3.5mm audio cable into this device 3.5 mm audio socket. Plug the other end (0r 2*RCA)into the audio output of an audio source system (Audio Jack).(E.g. IPod, TV, MP3 etc)

• Ensure this device has pushed into TX mode

• Put this device and your Bluetooth stereo receiver device(Earphone ) within 10 meters
• Power on your Bluetooth stereo receiver and put it into pairing mode
• LED blinks red and blue quickly, indicating it is in pairing mode
• This device will automatically search, pair and connect with your Bluetooth Stereo receiver devices
• After successful connection, the LED will blink blue slowly.
• Paring is completed now you can enjoy the wireless audio.


1. The pairing mode will last 3 minutes. This device will enter off mode if no devices can be connected within 3 minutes.
2. If you want to enter PIN Code, this device will enter”0000”,”1111”,”8888” or “1234” automatically and pair.

Receiver: turn On / Off

Push the click button to RX mode from TX/RX position.

Receiver: pairing with a Bluetooth device

Pairing procedure:

1)Plug the 3.5 mm audio cable into this device 3.5 mm audio jack. Plug the other end into the audio input of your home hi-fi stereo system. (ordinary speaker).

2)Put this device and your Bluetooth-enabled phone within 10 meters.

3)Make your phone into Bluetooth mode. Taking an iPhone as an example: From your iPhone home page, tap “settings” →”General” →”Bluetooth” →”On”.

Note: Different phones and tablets have different procedures to activate the Bluetooth function, pair, connect with other Bluetooth devices.

4) IPhone will auto-scan for available Bluetooth devices, Click ”Bluetooth-TR” from the list of devices shown; tap “yes” or “confirm” accordingly.

5)After successfully pairing, the LED will be on.


a) Pairing mode will last 3 minutes. The device will enter off mode if no devices can be connected with 3 minutes.
b) If you have failed to pair, please power off the device and try again according to above steps.
c) Each time this device powers on, it will connect to the last connected device automatically. If you want to pair it to other devices, turn off the current device’s Bluetooth function first and try to pair the receiver to the new device according to above mentioned pairing procedures.

LED indicator instruction(TX or RX mode)

Led Indicator Status of LED
Pairing mode LED blinks red and blue quickly( 3 times per second)
Connected with a device LED blinks blue slowly
Low power LED blinks quickly
Charging LED is on and then off if full-charged

Advanced functions

Charging and streaming music

When battery capacity is low, but you still want to use this device in TX or RX mode, you can charge the device and stream audio sound simultaneously.

Reconnecting to a Bluetooth device

A.Automatic connecting: Once this device is powered on, it will automatically connect with the last connected device.
B. Auto off: When this device does not connect to any device with 3 minutes, it will automatically power off and enter standby mode.