Getting Started

How do I get started with Z-Wave?


You will need Z-Wave certified products. Start with a Z-Wave smart hub. The smart hub becomes the brain of your smart home/home automation system, connecting all of your smart devices together via an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you don’t have one, here are some options for you to choose from. If you do have one, continue to step 2. If you are unsure how to pick a hub, our support team can help you select one.


Pick the smart devices you want in your home by thinking about what aspects of your home you would like to control remotely. You can shop in the following ways:

Device Type

Smart lock, smart lighting, smart garage door controllers, smart sensors, etc. The categories section of our store can be used this way to help you select what you need.

Room by Room

Remember, you can expand smart technology to your home all at once or room by room. Think through each room and what you would like to have within each one. Start with the devices that are most important to you, and expand your smart home as you see fit.


What is it that you are looking to do? Save money on energy? Increase security? Manage a second home or property? We have put together popular scenarios for you to build your own bundles depending on your needs. Shop solutions here.

Shop all Z-Wave smart products here.