Smart Home Features

Умная розетка Sonoff S26 WiFi работает в большинстве стран мира

Главная проблема «умных розеток» заключается в том, что они часто разрабатываются с конкретным типом штекеря, поэтому зачастую приходится использовать адаптер, что не всегда будет идеальным решением, поскольку розетка может иметь плохие контакты. «Умная розетка» Sonoff S26 WiFi решает эту проблему, поскольку компания ITEAD Studio сделала ее доступной в шести разных версиях: для Китая, Австралии, Великобритании, …

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Обзор Sonoff Pow R2 / Sonoff touch

Sonoff Pow R2-16А позволяет удаленно управлять и контролировать технику и контролировать потребление энергии в домашних условиях.


Multi-room audio: everything you need to know It’s easier than ever to fill your home with music, thanks to a variety of audio products that can unite to form feature-packed, voice-controlled multi-room music systems. In a short space of time, multi-room audio has gone from an expensive fantasy to an affordable reality for pretty much …

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One of the best aspects of smart home automation is that it allows you to experience your favorite entertainment in a whole new way. Whether you want your music to follow you throughout your house, or you want to watch the biggest summer blockbusters with the best equipment, smart technology can be integrated into your …

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Smart Lighting

As lighting is an integral part of a building. The user would be able to choose the time of activation, for example, in the home 7pm when it starts to get dark might be a sensible option. If the user wishes to further customise the lighting settings there should be an option available to implement …

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Efficiency and Economy

Intelligent Homes provide enhanced energy efficiency. Being able to set the thermostat to let the temperature drop during the day and returning it to a comfortable level just before you arrive home, lights shutting off when nobody is in the room and many other features, combine to save on electricity, water and gas bills.

Climate Control

A smart home that isn’t comfortable to live in wouldn’t be very smart at all, which makes connected climate control an obvious smart home starting point. With the right gadgets and appliances installed, your home’s climate control system will be able to “learn” your habits, adapt to your schedule, and anticipate your needs before you …

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Control and Accessibility

The power supply to all appliances in the home could be controlled using the smart system. In a large home this would be a very convenient feature because there may be a lot of electrical appliances that are left on standby, hence the system should contain a feature, which searches all power supply links in …

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Safety and Security

With the advancements of smart technology, it makes sense to include security features. The user would be able control the arming and disarming of the alarm, as well as edit specific settings of the alarm, such as the key code. The user could also have the option to configure intrusion detection settings. This would work …

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