Amazon Echo Spot Review – A interesting device

I have been using Amazon Echo devices in the house for a while, I have a Amazon Echo, a couple of Echo Dot’s and the FireTV so I avoided Amazon’s new offering of the Spot as I thought it was just another Echo! I recently got the chance to try one out, and I think I was wrong.

Most of my Amazon Echo devices are “hidden”, I put them in places that will not really be seen, so they blend in and don’t stand out. The Spot is different, its made to be seen. The Spot is a heavy device, would make a good paper weight on any desk, and it actually is nice to look at. The Echo spot has a small round 3″ display, which also happens to be a touch screen. With this added control you can talk to this device, use the buttons on the top to adjust the volume or activate Alexa, or touch the screen which is actually a welcome addition.

The Amazon Spot also adds a camera which enables a sudo video conference as well as voice calling feature allowing you to call other people with an Amazon Spot, but don’t worry if your not cool with the idea of a camera in your office or bedroom you can easily disable this feature.

I really liked the Amazon Nest skill on the dot. A Skill is an add-on that allows other smart home devices to wokr with Echo devices. With the Nest skill enabled you can simply ask “Alexa, show me outside” and this will display the camera feed from your nest camera on the screen, replace “outside” with the location of the camera you want to display. This is a surprising cool feature that in my case allows me to keep an eye on our new puppy Mylo, but would also make a great baby monitor for new parents.

Overall I was impressed with this little device and think it is worth the extra few dollars over the dot!

If your interested, here are the links to the whole family of Amazon Echo devices!